Meet the Family

About Us

When it comes to winters, there’s no better place to celebrate the season than with Andreotti Family Farms.

How did we start?

We are a family business and have managed our land for over three generations. In 1926, our grandparents started the farm, producing primarily artichokes, beans, and broccoli. We were among the first farmers to join the Farmer’s Market Movement in 1943, selling at the Alemanni Market in San Francisco. Later, their son and his wife took over in the seventies.

Now our farm is over 90 years old, starting on the 4th generation, and we produce just about every winter vegetable you can imagine. We are passionate about our produce and thrilled to be able to share it with you.

We like to eat a variety of seasonal vegetables in the Fall, and we want to share that same diversity with you

Taste and freshness are two of the most important qualities of food. At Andreotti Family Farms, Food is grown for exceptional flavor, picked at the right time, and sold fresh, making a world of difference.

We focus on varieties suitable to our slightly cooler climate, high-quality non-GMO seed sources, a balanced ecosystem (much harder to achieve than it sounds), cover cropping, and nutrient balancing in our soils to grow nutritious and healthy food.

Our Growing Practices

We believe our farm is only as successful as it is sustainable, and for us, that means caring for both our land and the lives of us and those we employ. Andreotti Family Farms focuses on extremely organic and high-quality methods, using compost and minerals to replenish the soil and cover crops to build and test our soil.

Andreotti Family Farms through the Seasons

Andreotti family farm implies exactly what you would think it does – we are farming all year round.

As the seasons turn over, so does our farm. Crops are sown, then harvested. Vegetables come into, then out of season. Our work days lengthen and eventually shorten—temperatures peak before slipping back down. We love the cycle; each season has its challenge and its bounty.

Find Your Favorite Winter Vegetables Here

Winter is the slowest and most challenging time of the year for fresh crops. It’s hard; maybe that’s why we have focused so much on honing our skills here. We believe every leaf is precious. Whether you are looking for pumpkin patches or sunflower fields, here we have all you are looking for this winter season.

We’re excited to serve you!